5th Column Militants Sew Chevrons for a Bloody Takeover of Power in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On the Internet new evidence appeared that the nationalists are preparing an armed coup in Russia.

In one of the groups on the “VKontakte” social network, which is dedicated to the promotion of the second person from the pre-electoral list of PARNAS, nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev, photos of chevrons were published on the model of the banned in Russia organization “Right Sector”, or like the nationalist battalion “Azov”, and so forth.

In the publication of the Maltsev group, it is proposed to order the creation of chevrons in a certain embroidery studio. The stripes represent the emblem in the form of a shield, which depicts an eagle clutching a shield with an arrow painted on it. The whole composition is positioned against the background of a sun disc with stylized ray.

As was previously reported by REN TV, earlier on the Internet a video was published in which neo-Nazis discuss the takeover of power in Russia. Vyacheslav Maltsev and his confidants, Dmitry Demushkin and Yuri Gorsky, laughing, discuss that on 4th November 2017 a Russian march will be held in Moscow, after which on November 5th they will go to the Kremlin.

“What will start on the 4th must finished on the 5th,” says Demushkin in the video under general laughter. On the 4th we go to Lublin, on the 5th we finish in the Kremlin.”


After this, other scandalous materials were made public: An audio recording of the conversation between the Chairman of PARNAS Konstantin Merzlikin with Maltsev, during which they discussed the need for a so-called “shock wave”, strong extras, accompanying the representatives during the trips.

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Vyacheslav Maltsev, in fact, doesn’t hide his intentions. On the Internet he calls himself and his followers as the junta – apparently, also, by analogy with Ukraine. Besides this, Maltsev and his followers came up with another way of attracting supporters. They started to print the date of the planned coup – 5.11.17 – on money so that as many Russians as possible see it, as well as on t-shirts.


Why such people like Maltsev and Demushkin suddenly found themselves at the forefront of a so-called liberal party as PARNAS, in which way did the splicing of liberals with neo-Nazis happen on the eve of elections? Journalists conducted a thorough investigation, during which many interesting and unknown to the general public of the scandalous facts were collected. They will be presented in a documentary by Alexander Samokhvalov, “Gotcha! Who wants to destroy the country?”

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