Ukraine Intelligence Service: Russians Shot at Themselves in Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Today’s National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine meeting headed by Petro Poroshenko turned into a real thriller. As soon as Poroshenko issued directives on the need to reach by phone the leaders of Germany, France, USA, UN, OSCE, and Russia, the floor was given to the chief of intelligence of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Valery Kondratyuk, and it is him who turned the NSDC of Ukraine meeting into either a Hollywood thriller, or a fantasy.

According to the chief of the Department of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Ukrainian intelligence has “data”  about the fact that in Crimea, “Russian security forces fired at themselves”.

Valery Kondratyuk in the spirit of the Ukrainian logic of the Maidan period reported:

According to Ukrainian intelligence information, an armed clash took place with use of firearms between the military Armed Forces and border service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Kondratyuk announced that it is especially during these clashes two Russian officers perished – a representative of the FSB of the Russian Federation and a military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

This statement of the main Ukrainian “intelligence officer” looks like a continuation of the famous statements in the style of “Donbass fired at itself” or “air conditioning exploded in the building of the Lugansk administration after being penetrated by a MANPADS missile”. It’s hard to imagine the kinds of reports Ukrainian intelligence will announce many more days after the Crimean events, especially if we consider that the phrase “Ukrainian intelligence has found…” has long been synonymous with the phrase “British scientists have discovered…”

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