73% of Ukrainians Support the Constitutional Right of Russian-Speaking Citizens to Study in Their Native Language

According to the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), 33% of Ukrainian citizens are convinced that the state should ensure that Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine have the right to receive school education in Russian all over Ukraine. There’s also another 40% – in regions where the majority of the population wants it.

Thus, 73% of the population supports the constitutional right of Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine to study in their native language. Only 24% of respondents are against the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution. This again proves the correctness of a famous figure who said: “The Hitlers come and go, but the German people remain”. Look, despite the fact that since the late 80s a brown stream of false propaganda has been flowing about the unprecedented-in-history “bloody Bolsheviks”, German spies/syphilitics, millions shot for 3 spikelets, the stone crusher of Beria for schoolgirls raped by him, the victory “in spite of”, and about that there is just need to take Lenin out of the mausoleum and rivers of milk and honey will flow, the vast majority of citizens of modern Russia in all the polls has a positive attitude towards Lenin, as well to Stalin and to the USSR as a whole.

And it is the same in Ukraine. Also already for 30 years (and very actively in last 6 years) all media trash heaps have been broadcasting that Russians (in Ukrainian bourgeois-nationalist propaganda the Bolsheviks = Russians) have been letting Ukrainians rot for centuries, and that as soon as all Russians with suitcases will be sent to the train station, we will immediately begin to live like in France and Switzerland. Russians were being sent slowly (literally and figuratively), but for some reason life was only getting worse. The cherished France and Switzerland somehow imperceptibly turned into Poland.

Then since 2014, not a soft but a rough, direct, physical ethnocide started to be used against Russians. But what tough luck, life has deteriorated again, and the cherished Poland transformed into Belarus, and even, it can become better only if someone gives us $100 billion, i.e. – never. So 73% of people supporting being taught in the Russian language is a quite understandable result, because for some reason the total forced Ukrainisation made life only worse. So keep it up in the same way and it will become 90%.

Pavel Volkov

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