83-Year-Old Resident of Kharkov, Detained by the SBU, Refused to Vilify Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Security Service of Ukraine was able to beat out the needed confession from the 83-year-old Kharkov citizen Mekhti Logunov, who is sat in a SBU jail on a charge of treason.

As the former Kharkov political prisoner and anti-Maidan protester Spartak Golovachev reported, Logunov refused to make a deal with the Ukrainian security officers and give false testimonies against the Russian Federation. The pensioner understands that he doesn’t have much chance of leaving the pre-trial detention center alive, but refuses to cooperate with the SBU.

“‘I realize that it’s unlikely I will leave prison alive, but I won’t enter into any deal with my conscience’. 83-year-old Logunov Mekhti Feofanovich flatly rejects the charges brought to him by the SBU and the opportunity to soften the sentence by admitting to the false charges … A difficult, painful choice. To spend the rest of his life in a gray, smelly prison or, having agreed with the charges, to slander Russia, and already tomorrow to be in his native place, in freedom,” wrote Golovachev.

According to him, thanks to the appeal for the collecting of help Logunov has a lawyer. Also, Golovachev said that Logunov needs normal food, and medication for his heart and joints.

As a reminder, Mekhti Logunov was detained by the SBU on August 17th on a charge of Article 111 (high treason).

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