85 Ukrainian “Berkut” Veterans Arrived in Belarus to Help Their Colleagues

Veterans of the Ukrainian special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Berkut, as well as other special forces, went to help their colleagues in Belarus, which is submerged in protests and riots carried out by some citizens who want “freedom and fair elections”.

“Berkut” went to Belarus on a voluntary basis — “guided by the heart”, reported Ukrainian leftist activist Dmitry Manuilsky, grandson of the people’s commissar of foreign affairs of the USSR Dmitry Manuilsky, on social networks.

“85 veterans of Ukrainian special forces went to help Belarusian security forces in the fight against terrorist threats and a coup. Volunteers. Without any payment, just guided by their heart. Of course, with the knowledge of the Belarusian side. In general, this already crosses all borders, and will not continue. 85 people from Ukraine left Kalinovka and are going to help the fraternal people of Belarus. Yes, Ukraine is like that. Glory to heroes!” Manuilsky wrote on a social network.

He is in touch with the Ukrainian “Berkut” members and later posted messages from one of them with the call sign “Grinvich”, from which it follows that they have arrived at their destination.

“The Ukrainian veteran landing force of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belarus is already a reality. 2 battalions, tomorrow morning there will be 3. Steel guys who experienced Afghanistan and Maidan [in Kiev – ed]. Belarusian colleagues are welcomed as heroes and mentors. The ashes of Odessa and Donbass are knocking in the heart of every Belarusian OMON officer. We will not surrender Belarus, we will liberate Ukraine!” the message of “Grinvich” reads.

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“A helicopter arrived, 5 officers flew directly from Mazyr, where we were stationed, to Minsk. Meeting with Vakulchik and Ravkov. Tonight will be different. The fascist bastards will answer for every drop of blood spilled on Ukrainian soil by their ideological brothers. This night they are waiting for surprises and a bowl of wrath from the Ukrainian Berkut. Only the luckiest will survive until morning. In prison,” he added later.

We remind that protests and riots continue in Belarus, the reason for which was the dissatisfaction of a part of the society with the re-election of Aleksandr Lukashenko for the next presidential term. The situation, which is being developed and supervised from abroad, is actively supported by local collaborators. Opposition protesters are already appealing to the world to recognise a blogger’s wife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who lost to Lukashenko, as the President of Belarus. According to Russian political scientist Sergey Markov, such calls are inspired by the west, which is preparing to declare Tikhanovskaya as the President of Belarus in a scenario that was tested not so long ago in Venezuela.

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