Who Else Ukraine Should “Decommunize”…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Bogun

Taking into account that there is an acute shortage in the country [Ukraine – ed] with objects included in the decommunization ban, officials are obliged to include on lists ribbons, pioneer ties, and even Little Octobrists badges. I suggest that Vyatrovich and Avakov pay attention to larger fish – the high-ranking officials who justified the “crimes of the communist regime”. The incriminating quotes are attached below.

“Future generations will acknowledge their debt to the Red Army as unreservedly as do we who have lived to witness these proud achievements. I ask you, the great leader of a great army, to salute them from me today, on the threshold of final victory”. (Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain).

“Russians possess the palm of supremacy in forcing the Nazis to capitulate”. (Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of the allied troops in Western Europe).

“The French know what Soviet Russia did for them, and they know that it is Soviet Russia who played the leading role in their liberation”. (Charles de Gaulle, French Prime Minister).

“From the point of view of big strategy it is difficult to leave from the obvious fact that the Russian armies destroy more soldiers arms of the enemy than all other 25 states of the United Nations, combined”. (Franklin Roosevelt, the US President).

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