A Boy in the LPR Believed That “Harry Potter” Would Help Stop Ukrainian Shelling

NEW – June 25, 2022

The boy Sasha from Zolotoye in the LPR read an entire “Harry Potter”, believing that this would stop the UAF. His mother told him that this would help, so that it would be easier for the child to survive the shelling, during which he had to hide in a cold basement.

The child spent the night with his mother and younger sister in basements, hiding from shelling. After the liberation of Zolotoye, the family was able to leave the basements. Sasha told the correspondent that he likes to assemble a Lego set. But most of all in life, the boy wants the war of Ukraine against the LPR to end and for his friends to return.

Sasha admitted that he read a lot, went to the school library. He has all seven Harry Potter novels. And he sincerely believed that hostilities would stop when he finished reading the series about the boy wizard.

“I told him: ‘Sasha, the war will end after you read all the books’,” said the boy’s mother Svetlana Purshchenko. “The child tried, he read such a book in three days. In the dark, in the basement, with a torch. I say, ‘Sasha, you’ll ruin your eyes’.”

According to her story, after the child had read all the books, he asked: “Mom, is the war not over?”.

“I say, ‘There are probably more volumes there that need to be read in order for the war to end’,” Svetlana said in a voice breaking into crying.

“Does it feel like it’s almost over now?” the correspondent asked Sasha.

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“Yes. It has become warmer. It’s cold in the basement,” the boy replied.

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