A Boy Wounded By Ukrainian Shelling in Donetsk Described the Moment of the Attack

NEW – June 15, 2022

A wounded boy told Izvestiya correspondent Aleksandr Safiulin how he and his mother came under fire in Donetsk. Now nine-year-old Maksim is in hospital with a concussion and multiple shrapnel wounds. One of the fragments landed right on the boy’s chest.

Maxim said that at the time of the shelling he was with his mother at the market. According to him, the shell exploded right nearby.

“(Went to the market — ed.) with my mother. There was a bang nearby. Then I bled, and my mother bled. I fell down, opened my eyes, there was smoke everywhere. I wasn’t afraid. Everyone was running away there,” says Maksim.

According to our correspondent, the boy’s mother is now in another hospital. A shard hit her in the face.

A family from Donetsk had to jump out of the windows of a burning house to escape from a fire that arose after shelling by Ukrainian militants.

The head of the family, Vladimir Koroshchenko, told Safiulin that a UAF shell directly hit the engine of a car parked near the house. “There was a car, ours, just in the car under the balcony. We live on the second floor. Immediately the balcony caught fire, smoke came. The arrivals are so heavy, we never had it like this before,” the man says.

The household, according to him, at first tried to get out by the stairs, but the smoke spread at such a speed that they had to jump out of the windows. Vladimir dropped a mattress on the ground, with the help of which his wife, two children and a dog escaped. The man himself was helped out by the military.

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From the apartment of the Donetsk family, only the kitchen, toilet and bathroom remained. Everything else burned as a result of the fire.

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