A Captured Ukrainian Paratrooper Spoke About Poroshenko and Drug Addiction in the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Drug addiction among the ranks of the Ukrainian military personnel, who strongly hate Petro Poroshenko for having “killed” the country, is quite commonplace, stated a Ukrainian prisoner of war during an interrogation that was carried out by the press service of the DPR militia.


As a reminder, on January 23rd in the Mariupol direction a Ukrainian saboteur voluntary surrendered to the DPR army.

The captured Nikolay Grinenko spoke about the details of his detention.

“I was the first to volunteer for the task because I want to go on extraordinary leave, I voluntary raised my hand for the task. Four of us raised our hands. We crawled to the tree area, well, about 15 meters remained … I crawled closer and stumbled upon either a signal mine or a tripwire … I don’t know … An explosion sounded, I fell and was a little bit lost. I.e., I had noise in my head, everything was warped … I looked around when I had already more or less regained consciousness and my guys were no longer there, and then I heard that your guys were approaching. I started shouting: ‘I surrender!’, because I remembered the words of the instructor from the training center that if you cooperate normally in captivity, nothing will happen to you. The guys were already in a radius of about 50 meters, maybe closer, i.e., they already understood. A strong noise was in my ears and things were blurred, my head was spinning,” said the prisoner of war.

Grinenko noted that the military personnel of the DPR militia didn’t use any violence against him.

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“The guys communicated with me normally, talked to me, gave me water because I was very thirsty. Well, they of course gave me a cigarette. We smoked together and talked. They asked what salary we earned, and I in response asked what theirs was. I.e., we sat and communicated normally. I wasn’t wearing gloves when they tied me. Well, they tied my hands behind my back, it was very cold, and they even took a fufaika and used it to cover my hands so that I didn’t freeze, so that my extremities didn’t freeze,” he emphasised.

Grinenko also said that in Ukraine almost everyone hates Petro Poroshenko because he brought the country to an awful condition.

“Poroshenko? Already nobody treats him normally. He brought the country and people to the edge. Even if they raised military salaries, they keep the people like cattle. He declared martial law in certain regions, but if it is martial law, then it should be in force all over the country. There wasn’t any martial law during Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk. What happened there? What does this martial law mean?” said the prisoner indignantly.

Grinenko also confirmed the extremely low moral-psychological condition of the Ukrainian military personnel, who more and more often turn to drugs.

“There is drug addiction in our army, but it is impossible to work out who these people are, there is a need to catch someone directly, i.e., whilst using it. Well, hemp it is stable, we call it ‘ordinary green marijuana’. Amphetamine is sometimes used, but generally this was suppressed” said Grinenko in conclusion.

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