A DPR Resident Invited Zelensky to Stay in a Settlement Destroyed by the UAF

The new president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky needs to see with his own eyes all what was done by the Ukrainian army in Donbass, said the blogger Andrey Bardachev.

The blogger went to the front-line settlement of Veseloye (near Donetsk) and showed the houses that were destroyed because of continuous UAF shelling.

“Most likely, the house is being restored,” he assumed, having shown the man painting a fence riddled with bullet holes.

After this Bardachev showed a completely destroyed house in the settlement.

“I want to ask a question to anyone who is now in power in Ukraine who talks about some aggression, to the same president Zelensky. People lived, worked, earned money, and built a house. Now it has been destroyed. If this was your house, and in a flash this happened to it, and you knew exactly who did it – and the Ukrainian army did it, you would want to live with Ukraine afterwards? I don’t know who would agree,” he said.

After this the blogger came into the yard of a house that was completely destroyed after fierce shelling.

“Today we visited the settlement of Veseloye. I showed you what remains from it after the aggression of the UAF. After what was seen it would be desirable that all our new presidents-clowns and all his ’95th quarter’ that he dragged with him to the Verkhovna Rada walk around, look at everything, and then start to talk about some Russian aggression, about returning Donbass to the structure of Ukraine, and in general whether or not this is possible after this? My answer is obvious — it is impossible,” he added.

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