A DPR Resident Living Near the Front Line Was Killed by a Ukrainian Mine

A female resident of the settlement of Zaitsevo near the front-line Gorlovka (DPR) was blown up on a mine planted by the UAF. This was reported by the mayor of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko.

A middle-aged woman was blown up by a mine in Zaitsevo in the buffer zone. She was an inhabitant of Brusilov St. Alas, she died from the wounds she received. The woman was born in 1958

Later the city’s mayor specified the information about the deceased.

“Today not just Irina Alekseevna Menshakova died; today one of Zaitsevo’s residents who personified the unbending will and courage of these people died today.

She lived on the edge of the front line for four years with her husband. For four long years she fought as she could. Quite recently we were able, at last, to persuade her to move away. She and her husband, Senya, were the last ones to move quite recently. And here is the tragedy. She couldn’t stay anywhere else, so she returned.”

Dear Irina Alekseevna, let the earth be like a duvet for you! We say goodbye to you! We will always remember you!

At a briefing in Donetsk, the head of the press service of the DPR militia Daniil Bezsonov reported:

“The deceased was at her personal plot located in the ‘buffer zone’. The explosive device was installed by the Ukrainian saboteurs this night, since still yesterday the deceased was working at the plot”.

He also specified that during inspection of the scene two more established antipersonnel mines were uncovered.


Here is a video from 2017 featuring Irina Menshakova:

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