A Family of Killers from Mariupol Jailed by Yanukovych Was Amnestied as “Political Prisoners”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The decision of the Ordzhonikidziyevsky court of Mariupol concerning the brothers Renat and Rodion Kharakoz, and also their father Vitaly Kharakoz, who at the time of Yanukovych were given 13 years and life imprisonment for several murders, were released as amnestied political prisoners. This was reported by the well-known Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy.

“At the time of Yanukovych these citizens were condemned for serial murders. They strangled, shot, and plundered others. Two received a life sentence and one received 13 years. After the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ and after the radical reform of the judicial system, patriots pressured the court a little bit, they went to hearings a few times, people’s deputies from Lyashko’s party intervened, and the political prisoners received freedom,” wrote Shariy.

He also notes that he after this news something bugged him. “Firstly – why aren’t everyone who was condemned for murders at the time of Yanukovych being released? Secondly – why don’t ‘partners’ who continue to mutter with their moronic tongues senseless mantras about the reform of the judicial system report about this victory of justice?” summed up the blogger.

As a reminder, this family from Velikaya Novosyelovka of the Donetsk region – nicknamed “bloody gangsters” – was accused of committing numerous robberies and several premeditated murders that shock by the level of their cruelty. The Volnovakha district court sentenced on September 23rd, 2011 the head of the Kharakoz family and his eldest son to lifelong imprisonment with the confiscation of all property, and the younger son – to 13 years of imprisonment for murdering three people and also plunder, robbery, storing and trafficking drugs, and certain other crimes. The father his sons carefully planned their crimes, they clearly set out their roles in advance – who does what.

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However, in December, 2014 the radical deputies Igor Mosiychuk, Dmitry Linko, and Andrey Lozovoy, together with a group of brothers-in-arms, arrived in Mariupol where at this time a hearing was being held in the Court of Appeal concerning the case of the Kharakoz family. The radicals said that Kharakoz family are Ukrainian patriots, political prisoners, and victims of “Yanukovych’s regime”, and that they need to be acquitted and released so that the deputies of the Radical Partycould take them out on bail, for which Lyashko’s comrades and numerous brothers-in-army came to court. Then it wasn’t succeeded to influence the court, but in 2015 the “Radical Party” faction suggested to the Verkhovna Rada to amnesty 49 “political prisoners”, among whom there was the Kharakoz family.

The media reported that Mosiychuk had “took this case on bail” after having received an appeal from the Kharakoz family. Vitaly Kharakoz wrote that in January, 2003 an armed assault had been committed against him and his son Renat Kharakoz.

According to Kharakoz, after this he changed his testimony after being blackmailed and threatened, and the criminal case against the attackers (5 people) was dismissed. In this regard, in 2004 the indignant inhabitants of Novosyelovka (about 1000 people) organised a meeting in Donetsk at the Donetsk regional administration against the head of Novosyelovka Shira V.P. and demanded his resignation.

The aggressive actions of the people’s deputies in the Mariupol court caused an impassioned reaction from the prosecutor of the Donetsk region, who allegedly personally asked Mosiychuk to stop interfering in the implementation of justice. But as a result, the “political prisoners” were released after all.

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