A Foreign Journalist Was Violently Assaulted by Macron’s Police During Act 22 of the Yellow Vests in Toulouse

Agents of the Anti-Crime Brigade [a special police unit created in France in 1994 – ed] knocked down, beat with batons, and kicked two suspected journalists from a foreign media outlet wearing press helmets while covering Act 22 of the Yellow Vests in Toulouse on Saturday, April 13th. A protester filmed the scene and shared it on social networks.

The scene took place on Saturday, April 13th, during Act 22 of the Yellow Vests in Toulouse. A video filmed by the Facebook user “Lelly Gijabet LIVE” shows the violence of the police against two individuals identified as journalists.

Thus, in the video we see how demonstrators hold a banner to protect themselves against the agents of the Anti-Crime Brigade who advanced towards them.

Some seconds later, we see a journalist wearing a helmet with the inscription “press” (in a beige jacket and with a backpack) run with a camera towards their colleague (wearing a plain hoodie) who fell down next to an Anti-Crime Brigade agent.

The first journalist then makes a hand gesture to the Anti-Crime Brigade agent to ask them to let go of their colleague (at the end of video, we learn that it is a woman).

The Anti-Crime Brigade agent then takes the things of the journalist, who tries to recover them.

Suddenly, two agents of the Anti-Crime Brigade push her, she falls to the floor, and is then struck with truncheons and kicked by the police, who also took off and threw her helmet.

Her colleague tries once again to help her but he is also thrown onto the ground and hit by the Anti-Crime Brigade.

At this moment, a female voice repeats behind the camera:

“It is the press. They are hitting the press. Please …”

Contacted by Sputnik, the author of the video confirmed that the footage was filmed during the demonstration of the Yellow Vests in Toulouse, on April 13th, and added that the assailed journalists works for a foreign media outlet.

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