A Former Pro-Maidan Deputy from Odessa Called Bandera and Shukhevych “Criminals”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The former deputy of the Odessa City Council and the former activist of Euromaidan Dmitry Spivak publicly called the ideologist of the Ukrainian nationalism Stepan Bandera a criminal.

Dmitry Spivak, on the right

He published such a recognition on his Facebook page, having stated that “the time came to place some accents” concerning political preferences.

“So, I am not a ‘separatist’, I am not a ‘vatnik’, I wasn’t bought off by the Kremlin, I am not an agent of FSB, I am not an admirer of Putin, and I am not an ‘adherent of the Russian world’ (I don’t understand the meaning of this expression at all).

However, I am definitely not a lover of embroidery, I am not a follower of the nationalist ideology, I am not an adherent of the glorification of Shukhevych, Bandera, and other figures of UPA, who I consider to be criminals,” wrote Spivak on social networks.

He also admitted that he has a feeling of contempt for the current Ukrainian radicals like Vyatrovich, Farion, and Nitsoy, because they “manipulate on the basis of low feelings and speculate on patriotism”.

“Yes, I am a Russian-speaking citizen of Ukraine who knows how to speak Ukrainian a bit and is able to express himself clumsily in English. I love my wonderful country, but I can’t be proud of a state that godlessly plunders its citizens, humiliates them, cynically uses them for their purposes and is incapable of defending them. Neither from hooligans on the street, nor from more serious threats… Further. Russian literature and Russian (Soviet, Russian) cinema is indeed closer to me. This is my choice and my right,” added the former deputy, having urged his opponents to abandon attempts to break dissidents, violently imparting everything Ukrainian to them.

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