A Former Ukrainian “Aidar” Commander Was Interrogated by the SBU, Criminal Proceedings Were Initiated Over Military Operations in Donbass

In the past I have stated a forecast that for some is a difficult pill to swallow: the Ukrainian junta that seized power in 2014 – namely Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, Poroshenko – will not face any internal prosecution for their role in unleashing the fratricidal war in Donbass, owing to the oligarchical system that governs Ukraine. Concerning external prosecution, this is equally as unlikely, as the Hague is in the US’ pocket, and the US itself – and here I mean both the Democrat and Trumpist blocs – cannot afford to trial their own puppets and incriminate themselves. Especially knowing that the rabbit hole is already somewhat exposed now that Biden’s dirty dealings are in the spotlight.

In order to fend off any attempts of the Maidan boomerang knocking them off their perch, the entire Rada would prefer to throw UAF military commanders, at the very maximum in terms of rank, under the bus. And it would appear that the oligarchical cannon fodder has started to sense that a knife is about to enter their back.

The Maidanist news agency “Censor.net” reported on November 12th, in an article entitled “Criminal proceedings on combat operations were initiated. This is a question of discrediting the UAF – Lapin on the interrogation of the SBU concerning the death of Russian citizens in the battle near Lugansk airport”, the following:

“The people’s deputy of the eighth convocation, former commander of the assault company of the ‘Aidar‘ battalion Igor Lapin believes that the authorities are trying to discredit Ukrainian military personnel by initiating criminal proceedings [criminal proceedings initiated by the police under part 3 of article 258 of the Criminal Code in 2014 – OR] concerning fighting in Donbass.

He said that during the interrogation of the SBU in the case of the death of Russian citizens in a battle near Lugansk Airport in 2014, no charges or suspicions were announced to anyone.

‘Thank God no one has been charged or handed suspicion,’ he said.

‘The most unpleasant thing about this situation is that this issue concerns a combat operation. When somewhere in the rear there are checks for some things – you do not react much, but when it concerns already stormtroopers, I would like that already the authorities understand that stormtroopers will not go for slaughter, they will go to the woods,’ added Lapin.

He believes that the authorities are trying to discredit the military.

‘When approval ratings fall, there is the desire to take them somewhere. Today people have the greatest trust in the armed forces of Ukraine, in soldiers, combat officers, volunteers, and so on, so there is already a question of discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine,’ Lapin said.

‘I am most concerned about the initiation of criminal proceedings concerning combat operations. It was against soldiers and officers who took part,’ added the former commander of the ‘Aidar’ assault company.”

Lapin described the details of how the interrogation came around:

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“Investigators arrived from Severodonetsk on a business trip to Lutsk, because in fact my company, the backbone of my unit, is guys from Volyn mainly. SBU investigators came to Volyn, questioned me, questioned my soldier, but again decided not to risk it, the guy was provided with a lawyer. I went without a lawyer because I myself worked as a lawyer before the war.”

Lapin said that on July 20th 2014, his volunteer battalion received an order to break the blockade at the Lugansk Airport. The paratroopers of the 80th brigade, who held the airport territory, came to meet them. They carried out the order, and captured about 12 “bandits, mercenaries of the Russian Federation and the occupiers”, who were “sent upstairs, to the slag heap, where the doctors were”.

He claims he gave his ampoule of butorphanol (a potent analgesic for the wounded) to have a medic inject one of the prisoners who was “screaming a lot” over an injury. According to Lapin, later this person died in hospital.

“After that, the exhumation of the body was carried out, I don’t know whose statement in the framework of which criminal case. Nevertheless, the body was transferred to the occupied territory, and there, probably, a great martyr was also made of it. Today we have a criminal case for the murder of citizens of the Russian Federation (by the way, from Moscow) – and they’re pulling my guys … Today I was also interrogated at the SBU, I testified, thank God, as a witness”.

Interesting. As we can see, it is not anyone in the Rada who is being summoned for interrogation concerning post-Maidan events in Donbass, but Nazi cannon fodder. Another takeaway: the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with militants from “Aidar”, “Azov“, “Tornado“, “Donbas“, and other punitive battalions committed war crimes (which, by the way, have no statute of limitations) does not discredit the UAF even once?!

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Now that the feeding trough becomes more and more emptier, all participants of project “Ukraine” will devour each other like rats! But no actual trial is expected, just the intimidation of Banderist elements that won’t let Commander Zelensky satisfy Trump’s demand (and Merkel’s too, since the anti-Russia sanctions are in reality anti-German) to end the war in Donbass.

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