A Former Ukrainian Deputy Described the Financing of Maidan & Negotiations with Yanukovych’s Party

Former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada David Zhvaniya, who in 2014 was among the closest associates of Petro Poroshenko, described how his entourage disrupted the peace initiatives of Viktor Yanukovych. He stated this in a video posted on Youtube on July 21st.

“I am ready to give evidence to the investigation authorities. I and Klimkin directly participated in the transfer of €5 million through the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany for a high-ranking European official at the time in order to ensure the support of Poroshenko as a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine from the EU. I am ready to provide the circumstances of this to the investigative authorities,” said Zhvaniya.

Zhvaniya also spoke about how Poroshenko, Aleksandr Turchynov, and other Maidan leaders came to power in 2014.

“We financed Maidan, we stoked protest moods in the media, disrupted peaceful initiatives of the government, conducted separate negotiations with deputies of the Party of Regions, negotiated with foreign embassies. The group included [Nikolay] Martynenko, Poroshenko, [Aleksandr] Turchynov, [Vitaly] Klitschko. Each of which attached their own group. Turchynov, for example, brought [Sergey] Pashinsky and [Andrey] Parubiy,” he said.

Zhvaniya assured that he is ready to give evidence to the investigative authorities on all these facts. He also clarified that Poroshenko’s candidacy for the post of president in 2014 was discussed between oligarchs, to whom he assumed certain obligations.

“Poroshenko became president as a result of a consensus of oligarchs. And Poroshenko took on certain obligations to them, which in most cases worked out. The fight with the oligarchs was reduced under Poroshenko to a fight with Kolomoisky, who did not participate in the deal. The rest received their corruption quotas. The position of mayor for Klitschko was part of this deal. Poroshenko received approximately $3.4 billion through corruption during his time in power. This money was transferred to offshore companies,” added Zhvaniya.

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