A Former Ukrainian Soldier and Nowadays Rada Deputy Asked Poroshenko to “Look into the Eyes of Dead UAF Soldiers”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The General who threw Ukrainian soldiers into the Ilovaisk cauldron became the new ambassador of Ukraine in Armenia. 
This was stated from the tribune of the Verkhovna Rada on June 20th by the former commander of the “Dneper-1” battalion deputy Yury Bereza.


“The new ambassador of Ukraine in Armenia is Petro Lytvyn, who left his soldiers in sector ‘D’ in the east of Ukraine. Petro Lytvyn – because of who, perhaps, I, together with my brothers, had to lose lives. Today he represents the state of Ukraine as the ambassador in Armenia,” reported the deputy.

He has appealed to the president Poroshenko to look into the eyes of the dead soldiers of the so-called “ATO”.

“Mr president, look into the eyes of the dead. Mr president, look into the eyes of the mothers of those who haven’t returned from this war. Lytvyn’s appointment is confirmation of the thesis that in this hall there is corruption. Yes, there is corruption, unfortunately. A lot is paid by the aggressor country so that those such as Lytvyn continue to influence or try to influence the State policy of Ukraine,” believes Bereza.

After that, the odious politician addressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“Friends, you have crossed the line. I don’t know how it will end, but I know that there shouldn’t be such an ambassador in another state. Shame!” summed up the deputy.

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