A Girl Froze to Death Near Zhytomyr Because of a Bus Driver

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



21-year-old Irina Dvoretskaya lacked the money to pay for her bus journey, so the driver and conductor dropped her off in a forest, where she died from hyperthermia.

This was reported by “NewsOne” on January 24th.

The girl went to Olevsk to visit her mother in hospital. However she did not have enough money to pay for the journey. A ticket for her route costs about 25 hryvnia (less than 60 rubles).

Witnesses said that unfortunate girl offered the driver her mobile phone as a deposit and promised to pay the money upon arrival at the destination. But the driver Oleg Zhilinsky, together with the conductor, dropped her off at 04:00.

The body of the deceased girl on the road between the settlements of Perga and Rudnya-Khochinskaya was found by her father.

Local residents were revolted by the position of the city authorities and police officers. In the two weeks that passed since the incident no witness were interviewed.

Activists affirm that the driver of this bus was already a person involved in criminal cases. A woman and a teenage girl died under his wheels . At the same time, the company where Zhilinsky works is a monopolist in the region, and, as residents say, “there they do what they want”.

In the last month alone about 1,700 people suffered from hyperthermia in Ukraine – 150 people died from it.

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