“A Holiday”, “Triumph”, and “Day of the Sacred Crematorium”: How Ukrainian Radicals Rejoiced in the Tragedy in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson



During the commemoration in Odessa of the fourth anniversary of the tragic events on May 2nd, 2014, on social networks nationalists remembered their “triumph” and in all seriousness declared it a “holiday”.

The head of OUN Mikhail Kokhanovsky called to make May 2nd a public holiday, and either deliberately or incidentally wrote on Facebook “I remember, I am proud” – the slogan used on May 9th in Russia.

And the “Consul” Telegram channel, close to National Corpus, said that it “remembers and celebrates” the death of 48 anti-Maidan protesters.

The “Right Sector” activist Aleksey Byk, who assaulted the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, called the tragedy on May 2nd “The day of the sacred crematorium” and added the hashtag #ГориГориЯсно [#BurnBurnStrongly – ed].

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Igor Mosiychuk Posted a Congratulatory Message on the Anniversary of Mass Murders in Odessa

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