A Journalist in Odessa Started Receiving Death Threats From Banderists For Countering “Holodomor” Propaganda

Odessa journalist Tatiyana Gerashchenko receives death threats and criminal prosecution after publishing an article on “Politnavigator” [a Crimea-based anti-maidan news website – ed] condemning the current anti-Russian state interpretation of the 1932-33 famine as “genocide of the Ukrainian people”.

The instigator of the harassment was the Kiev political scientist Aleksey Golobutsky, who serves Petro Poroshenko. He called on the SBU to do everything to ensure that Gerashchenko met the New Year in jail for “anti-Ukrainian activities”, as well as “denial of Russian armed aggression”.

After that, Gerashchenko started to receive mass threats, including physical violence. We present these reports so that readers can appreciate the working conditions of honest journalists who remained in Ukraine, as well as the real “freedom of speech” after the victory of Euromaidan.

Mikhail Ryabov

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