A Kherson Resident Spoke About the Atrocities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at Checkpoints

NEW – June 30, 2022

A resident of the Kherson region spoke about mockery by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during an attempt to return home. According to her, at the beginning of the special operation, she left her native village and went to Poland. When she learned from relatives that it was safer in Kherson, she made the decision to return, but faced appalling treatment from the Ukrainian military.

A column of about 18 cars was stopped by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and everyone who intended to return home was accused of betrayal.

“We were told that we, Kherson, are traitors to the Motherland, those who return home. At the first checkpoint. We were told that we are going here to support Russia, that we are for Russia,” the woman said.

According to her, the Ukrainian security forces threatened criminal prosecution and reprisals, and also beat those who tried to return home.

“We were beaten with bottles of water. We were kept in the car. We had no right to get out of our car and go to the neighbour’s car. Men had their teeth knocked out. They were beaten because they started to stand up for women,” she recalls.

A resident of the Kherson region could not hide her tears, remembering what was happening.

She said that she did not see the faces of the military, but they were in Ukrainian military uniforms. All the time that they were there, she experienced a feeling of fear.

“We were under fire, there was a burst of automatic weapons. I didn’t believe before that they could really shoot at people,” she admits.

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