A Kiev Schoolboy Put Ukrainian Propagandists in Their Place During the “Immortal Regiment” March

The TV channel “1+1” showed an interview, sensational for today’s Ukraine, with a school student from Kiev participating in the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” on May 9th.

The 16-year-old Kiev resident Ivan said that he came to honour the memory of the participants of the Great Patriotic War, but not “World War II”, which the Verkhovna Rada decided to call it, in the absence of any resistance from the Opposition Bloc faction, which pretends to defend the Russian world, whilst in reality it is a servant of Ukrainian oligarchs.

When the Ukrainian propagandists asked Ivan to give an example of modern heroes, having hinted at the heavenly hundred, he boldly defined his position towards Euromaidan militants.

“The ‘heavenly hundred’ are heroes? Why? They died for the ideas of capitalism,” answered the school student, having laughed at the question.

“And what ideas did our grandfathers die for?” specified the employee of “1+1”, hoping to trip up the teenager.

“For ours, for common, for national [ideas],” retorted the young man.

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