A Large Satellite Factory Is Being Built in Russia, but the Most Surprising Thing Is Who Is Building It…

I wanted to start this article with the words “You won’t believe it”, but I’m afraid Yandex will think it’s clickbait. Although this is the rare case where this phrase is quite appropriate.

So, yesterday a new factory for the production of satellites, worth 14 billion rubles, started to be built in Russia in the Moscow area of Shchelkovo. The factory will be capable of producing 100 small or 4 large satellites per year. This is the first new enterprise in the history of modern Russia with a full cycle of assembling and testing spacecraft. The launch of the new factory is scheduled for the end of 2022.

And now pay attention: the factory is being built by Gazprom (more precisely Gazprom Space Systems)! “Gazprom-SPKA” has been created for the implementation of the project, the founders of which are “Gazprom Investment Project” LLC and “Gazprom Space Systems” JSC.

Yes yes, this same our commodity giant, which only knows how to pump natural gas from the people’s subsoil and to sell it entirely to the west for a penny (this is sarcasm, in case someone didn’t understand), this same hated Gazprom decided to build a plant for the production of satellites.

It only plans to (there is a lot of sarcasm here) pump all the gas out of our subsoil and send it into space, just so that the Russians can’t get it. Or it decided to do gas exploration on the Moon to rob the Mother Moon [sarcasm referring to the Motherland – ed] as well.

Well, seriously, it’s much simpler. The exploration and production of gas these days is truly space technology. Yes, my friends, it is only sitting on the couch that it seems that it is all so simple, that the gas is produced, sold, and a yacht and a villa on the Canaries are bought. Everything is so simple! In fact, everything is very complicated. Mining is very knowledge-intensive and high-tech. Among other things, space technologies, even communications, remote sensing, exploration, and geoposition systems are required today. And that is why Gazprom enters this niche, simply wishing to independently create the space equipment it needs, and it is possible to earn money from the production of satellites for third-party clients.

Therefore, it is already known what will be produced at the new plant. The first product will be the construction of eight “Yamal” communication satellites and six remote earth sensing “SMOTR” satellites for “Gazprom Space Systems”.

And for a third-party client, devices will be built according to the remote earth sensing satellite project “Sfera”, in the interests of Roscosmos. I think other clients will arrive.

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