A Latvian Court Sentenced “Russian Spy” Oleg Burak to 15 Years in Prison

On August 17th, the Latvian court handed down a verdict against a former high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the state Oleg Burak, accused of spying for Russia. Burak was found fully guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The details of the charges remain classified.

The news of the verdict caused surprise among representatives of the Russian community in Latvia — people who followed the case of Burak expected if not an acquittal, then at least a relatively lenient sentence.

“Shock! Burak was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 15 years in prison…” wrote the journalist Alla Berezovskaya on a social network.

“The court succumbed to the political pressure of the authorities, or rather the special services. The command was given to deal with Russians at the first opportunity. This is the beginning of the hunt for all Russians who dare to use their right to freedom of conscience, speech, and assembly. For Oleg Burak, this is a death sentence. Russian lives matter!” noted public figure Aleksandr Gaponenko, himself under investigation on charges of “anti-state activities”.

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