A Latvian MP Insulted Members of the Russian Delegation at an OSCE Meeting

NEW – February 23, 2023

Probably, all public diplomatic events with the word “Europe” in their name should be excluded, at least temporarily, from the participation programs of Russian diplomats and politicians. All the same, any participation in them results in near-Ukrainian devilry on the part of aping European politicians, leading to the transformation of a seemingly solid summit into a miserable farce of madness.

This also happened at a two-day session in Austria of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) with the participation of Russian deputies invited by Vienna.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly Margareta Cederfelt stressed that Moscow “violates all the principles of international law”. “We stand in full solidarity on the side of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people,” said Wolfgang Sobotka, Chairman of the Austrian National Council. But at the same time, according to him, it is the duty of the OSCE members and the Parliamentary Assembly “not to close the door of diplomacy”.

So they didn’t close it… Euro-degenerates began to yell and run around the hall with Ukrainian flags, and some of them defiantly left the forum during the speech of the deputy head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Dzhabarov. When the time came to speak to the representative of Belarus Andrey Savinich, two MEPs with a Ukrainian flag stood behind him and stayed in place while he spoke.

Insulting shouts and screams accompanied the presence of our delegation throughout the meeting. One of the Slovak deputies read out the statement of the Ukrainian delegation, calling the Russian delegates war criminals. According to the Ukrainian deputies, their presence is “an insult to the victims of their atrocities”. And the bastard representative of wretched Latvia, Rihards Kols, publicly “sent” Russia and its delegation “for a Russian warship”, using the well-known Ukrainian slogan of an obscene nature.

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It is not surprising that the meeting takes place without the participation of journalists. According to the Deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly, Michael Georg Link, such a decision was made so that Russia would not have the opportunity to turn the event into a “giant propaganda show”. And it’s a pity: it would be very visual public coverage of this crazy euro-zoo.

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