A Little Girl Started to Suffocate After Being Gassed During Act 22 in Toulouse

A little girl was heavily gassed on April 13th in Toulouse during the demonstration of the Yellow Vests. Suffocating and crying, she was supported by the Street Medics. They put a mask on the child’s face so she could finally breathe.

A video filmed by a witness during Act 22 in Toulouse shows several people, most without a yellow vest, overwhelmed at the foot of buildings or sitting on the ground after gas was fired near the metro entrance.

A few seconds later, a close-up passes by a little girl in tears and suffocating after breathing gas. Passers-by and Street Medics kneel around her, trying to give her help.

In the end, a Street Medic finds a mask and puts it on the face of the child, who is able to then breathe again.

It turned out that the girl was not accompanied when she was at the scene of the incident, since other people shouted in the crowd to find her parents, without anyone responding.

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