A Member of the Banderist Group “C14” Showed How to Use a Nazi “Flammenwerfer” Flamethrower

The Ukrainian nationalist group “С14” continues to surprise the whole world by its idiocy. This time one of the fighters of “Municipal Guard of Kiev” distinguished himself by posting on his page on the social network Instagram a video where he tests a flamethrower designed like the Nazi “Flammenwerfer”.


The “hero” accompanied the publication with the following text: “A good sprayer against kolorads for your money. European producer. I recommend”.

In Europe, the author’s humour could be appreciated, because it is worth recalling that the use of flamethrowers was condemned as early as 1919 in the Treaty of Versailles. Conducting a brief historical excursion, it should be noted that after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he decided to repeal the clause of the Treaty of Versailles prohibiting the use of flamethrowers. Their production was soon restored and continued until 1940. And here, after 80 years, production resumed already on the territory of Ukraine.

Watching the video, the proud posture of the khutor’s Aryan dressed in a Wehrmacht uniform, which, by the way, risks a serious prison term in Germany, also leads to “delight”.

Andrey Bardachev:

“Friends! Here is the kind of the video clips that filmed and published by the miserable Nazi minority in Ukraine. Only in their videos they look like ‘heroes’, ‘cyborgs’, but in real life they are afraid of simple urine with cries of ‘mom, call the cops’ or fall to their knees.

Am I, as a today’s resident of the DPR, afraid of this loafer or surprised? No, I’m not scared or surprised, I understand perfectly well what purpose these bastards are trying to achieve in the information field of Ukraine. All these promises are not for the residents of Donbass, as they cannot be intimidated and certainly cannot be defeated in battle, but for the residents of Ukraine, who recently started to fight back against this mould, sidelining them in life and, the most terrible thing for them, also in the information field.

Compatriots, Ukrainians, you have no one to fear – this is a pathetic bunch of cowardly shit, getting in your way and inciting a civil war not only in Donbass but also throughout Ukraine. Flush them down the toilet…”

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