A Miracle: The OSCE in Donbass Suddenly Regained Its Vision

Over the past week the UAF “forgot” 56 times that now a “comprehensive and termless” truce should be observed – that’s how often they opened fire at the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. As a result of such “forgetfulness” 11 houses and infrastructure facilities in the settlements of Zaitsevo, Golmovsky, and Kominternovo were damaged. And if some housing can be repaired by the winter, then at least 3 houses completely burned to the ground.

But against the background of constant violations of the truce and shelling there was a real miracle, which cannot be described in any other way: observers of the OSCE Mission, who in Donbass are called deaf, blind, and dumb, suddenly unexpectedly started to see clearly and discover their hearing.

They did not see and did not hear how Ukrainian “cyborgs” fired heavy artillery at the houses of civilians, they did not notice that kindergartens and schools, hospitals, and temples periodically came under UAF shelling. But once the “cyborgs” started “hunting” the mission’s drones there was a miracle return of sight and hearing. And after that, having noticed one, it is necessary to notice another.

The UAF doesn’t “hunt” for the OSCE Mission’s drones for no reason – they do not want international observers to document the deployment of military equipment and weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements to the line of demarcation.

And, as result of “enlightenment”, from the middle of July the reports of the OSCE SMM started to include daily information about how representatives of the UAF, using drones, continuously keep shadowing the observers of the mission, their movement, and down the mission’s drones.

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And on August 4th something appeared in a report that is unprecedented: “The Ukrainian Armed Forces try to hide their equipment placed at the line of contact in defiance of the Minsk Agreements … from international observers”

Two days later after the emergence of such a report the commander of the 72nd mechanised brigade gave the order to not let patrols of OSCE SMM enter the zone of responsibility of this brigade.

Then there was one more miracle: observers suddenly discovered their memory and started to remember who from them was not allowed entry by the valorous “cyborgs” since the beginning of this year and when.

So now there is hope that the OSCE Mission will document everything that happens at the line of demarcation.

And the Ukrainian side, without hiding it any more, is involved in jamming the control signals of the OSCE Mission’s drones.

“Over the past week we have identified numerous instances of mobile units of the structure of the 305th and 20th UAF electronic warfare battalions being engaged in electronic warfare. Their work was documented along the entire contact line, most frequently in the districts of the settlements of Chermalyk, Belaya Gora, Ivanopolye, Lebedinskoye, Kurakhovo, Krasnoarmeysk, Konstantinovka, Netaylovo, Slavnoye, and Opytnoye, where observers of the OSCE Mission were forced to stop the operation of their drones because of the threat of them being lost. In all these areas our reconnaissance recorded a concentration of enemy special equipment.

Besides jamming the control signals of OSCE observer drones, the Ukrainian criminals purposefully shot small arms at a drone of the mission in the district of the settlement of Paraskoveyevka, where, according to our information, the enemy hid a tank company of T-80’s covered with a camouflage net,” said the official representative of the DPR people’s militia Eduard Basurin at a briefing on August 23rd.

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According to him, the reconnaissance of the DPR recorded the placement of military equipment near houses not only in settlements, but also on the outskirts of Mariupol.

A similar thing also happens in the Lugansk region, on the territory controlled by Ukraine: the UAF used the truce to regroup and build up forces and means, constantly increasing the quantity of heavy weapons along the entire contact line, which is contrary to the Minsk Agreements.

“Last week our reconnaissance noted the arrival of two towed howitzers 2A36 ‘Giatsint-B’ and three anti-tank ‘Rapira’ MT-12 cannons to the district of the settlement of Lysychansk, two armoured personnel carriers to the district of the settlement of Stanitsa Luganskaya, and three howitzer 2S1 ‘Grozdika’ to the district of the settlement of Bakhmut,” reported the official representative of the LPR People’s Militia, Captain Yakov Osadchy, at a briefing on August 23rd.


Like in the Donetsk region, the Ukrainian military use objects of civil infrastructure for the placement of military equipment, often directly in the yards of houses. And in the settlement of Popasnaya and Troitskoye – in the yards of schools.

However, as Osadchy notes, all of these facts were already recorded in the official reports of the OSCE SMM despite the fact that “units of Ukrainian criminals continue to impede the work of international observers by conducting shelling aimed at destroying the OSCE Mission’s drones that carrying out flights over the territory occupied by the UAF”. 

Concerning ceasefire violations, last week the UAF opened fire at the territory of the LPR seven times, said Osadchy. However, after the briefing ended, the UAF opened fire at the settlement of Lozovoye, but fortunately there was no victims or serious destruction.

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In the LPR work to prepare the area for the repair of the bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya continues. However, having arrived on August 23rd to the place of work, observers of the OSCE SMM noted the inaction of the Ukrainian side, which should have already dismantled the fortifications of the UAF.


“Employees of the OSCE SMM noted the inaction of the Ukrainian side concerning the dismantling of UAF fortifications on the territory controlled by them. Tomorrow the LPR’s dismantling work will be continued, and we in turn expect the Ukrainian side to carry out reciprocal actions as is stipulated by the agreement reached in Minsk on August 21st 2019,” reported the representation of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire regime (JCCC).

Polina Sudoplatova

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