A Monument to Bandera Will Be Erected in Kropivnitsky in 2019

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On December 27th a press club was hosted in Kropivnitsky [former Kirovograd – ed] on the topic of city reforms. During the event a group of citizens suggested to establish a monument to Bandera in the city.

This was reported by “Glavnovosti” with reference to the local “mandarin-news” website, whose correspondent participated in the press club

It was also reported that the offer to establish a monument to Bandera in Kropivnitsky was supported by the local priest of the recently created Orthodox Church in Ukraine Vasily Kosyachenko.

He considers that Stepan Bandera deserves a monument since he is a symbol of statehood, independence, and unity of the Ukrainian people.

In addition, Dmitry Sinchenko, the chairman of the “Association of Political Sciences”, Yury Mitrofanenko, the historian and ethnographer, and also a member of the toponymic commission of the city Igor Kozub participated in the press club.

The latter noted that a monument to Bandera has the right for existence and there are all the historical prerequisites for the establishment of such a monument in Kropivnitsky.

At the same time, it hasn’t yet been defined where a monument in honor of Stepan Bandera will be placed. Similarly, the financial side of the project was decided on either.

However, the participants of the press club hope that the monument to Bandera will be established in 2019.

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