A Monument Was Erected Near Kiev in Honour of an Abwehr Officer

It became known that a monument was erected near Kiev in honour of an Abwehr officer and one of the leaders of the German anti-partisan movement in Ukraine from the “Sonderstab-R” headquarters, Petro Samutin.

I will tell you more about him, quoting the testimony of Ukrainian collaborators. This is a very well-awarded comrade. He distinguished himself not only by participating in punitive operations against partisans, civilians and the mass murder of Jews, but after the war he managed to earn forgiveness for this from the Americans.

Press conference of former OUN member and Bundesnachrichtendienst agent Osip Vergun April 2nd 1962, Berlin:

The part of the agent network that I got to know best under Gehlen was led first by the Ukrainian Arkhip Kmeta, and then by Colonel Petro Samutin.

Matvieiko Miron, who is also the chief of security service of the OUN “Usmikh”. From the interrogation protocol of June 12th 1951:

I also know that American agents – Ukrainian nationalists Samutin, Kmeta, Golubovich, Lopatisky, and Tatura – are conducting intelligence work against the USSR from Vienna through illegal channels.

Information of the KGB in 1965:

“During the German occupation on the territory of a number of regions of Ukraine, the German counterintelligence agency so-called ‘Sonderstab-R’, created in mid-1942 to perform special tasks to combat the partisan movement, was active. ‘Sonderstab’ conducted all its work through its subordinate inter-regional residents, who in turn managed regional and district residents. The leadership of inter-regional, regional and district residencies, as a rule, was appointed from Petliura’s emissaries who conducted active subversive work against the Soviet Union before the war and were proven agents of German intelligence, as well as from among active OUN members who has proven themselves in subversive work.

In particular, such residents of ‘Sonderstab-R’ were well-known Ukrainian nationalists DYACHENKO, GOLUB, and SAMUTIN…”

Miroslava Berdnik

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