A Nazi From the SS “Galicia” Division Was Buried With Honours in Ivano-Frankovsk

In Ivano-Frankovsk a farewell ceremony was held for Mikhail Mulik, who was the last “veteran” of the SS “Galicia” division living in this city.

According to the local news outlet “Kurs”, the elderly punisher died on January 25th aged 100. Pompous mourning events for the death of the “hero” took place with the active participation of the local authorities.

“Behind his shoulders are years of Siberian camps, exile, and interrogations – all for the sake of a free Ukraine. His tireless fight for the fate of his native state will always serve as a bright example of patriotism and love for the Motherland,” said Viktor Sinishin, Secretary of the Ivano-Frankovsk City Council.

And the mayor of the city Ruslan Martsinkiv assured that in the near future there will be a street named after Mulik.

“Today we bury an entire era of the national liberation fight. He was very precise, he always felt his military training. I make a promise that over time in our city there will be a street named after Mikhail Mulik – an honorary citizen and the last divisionist of Ivano-Frankovsk,” swore the mayor.

The authorities were not disturbed by the fact that Galicia was a part of the SS troops and fought as a part of Hitler’s Army in World War II.

At the same time, at the funeral there were people in Nazi uniforms and there were praising speeches about the deceased, despite the ban in Ukraine on the promotion of Nazism.

The Ukrainian media note that Mulik in the last years of his life was treated well by the local authorities. He served as chairman of the regional brotherhood of “Galicia” divisionists and was an honorary citizen of Ivano-Frankovsk.

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