A New Bout of Governmental Russophobia: The Russian-Speaking Residents of Lvov Once Again Became Victims of Discrimination

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The residents of Lvov became the victims of discrimination as a result of the ban on the use of Russian-speaking works, considers the political scientist Ivan Mezyukho. He called the moratorium imposed in the region a new “bout of Russophobia” from the authorities.

Commenting on the decision of the Lvov regional council to introduce a moratorium on the public use of the “Russian-speaking cultural product”, the expert noted that the rights of the Russian-speaking inhabitants of the region are regularly violated, despite the constitution of the country and the international documents ratified by the government of Ukraine.

“This is not the first bout of Russophobia in the Lvov region,” stresed Mezyukho in a conversation with RT, having added that ‘in fact, the residents of Lvov are subjected to discrimination’.

According to Mezyukho, the moratorium adopted by the Lvov authorities says that today’s Ukraine is far from the European principles of freedom and democracy. He noted that discrimination against Russian-speaking inhabitants is promoted by the policy of Kiev.

“This situation happened also due to the connivance of the Ukrainian authorities, which indulge in anti-Russian and Russophobic propaganda in the Ukrainian media. The information space of Ukraine is filled with different Russophobic little jokes that in some way humiliate Russians and Russian-cultured people,” explained the political scientist.

This week the deputies of the Lvov regional council imposed a ban on the use of the “Russian-speaking cultural product in any forms”. Also, a decision was made to create an interdepartmental working group for the carrying out of explanatory conversations with the population and legal entities.

“Russian children – Russian schools!”

The language question is one of the sharpest in Ukraine. Despite the fact that Russian is the native language of more than a half of Ukraine’s citizens, the authorities of the country continue to introduce restrictions on its use.

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Thus, the corresponding quotas act on the radio and television of Ukraine. Last autumn Kiev adopted the law “On Education” which forbade to provide teaching in all languages, except Ukrainian, in schools starting from the fifth class. The Venice Commission recognised the law as discriminatory in relation to the ethnic minorities of Ukraine.

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