A Palace Actually Built by Putin

If you really want to see a palace built on the orders of Putin, you can see it. This is the Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg (Strelna).

Almost destroyed during the war, the palace was restored in 3 years on the instructions of Putin. And we are talking not only about the building, but also about the huge park, the surrounding areas and the services that provide the work of the Palace of Congresses, on the basis of Konstantinovsky Palace:

“The interiors of the palace, the park, and the canal system have been recreated. The main focus of the reconstruction project was on providing state receptions. Not far from the palace on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, a ‘consular village’ was built — 20 two-story cottages. The five-star hotel ‘Baltiyskaya Zvezda’, stylised as an old Russian manor, was built. The building of the former yacht club has been reconstructed as a press centre and is equipped with satellite communications. The administrative building of the ‘Palace of Congresses’ is located in the former royal stables.”

Here’s what kind of palaces that Putin builds in 3 years. Therefore, listening to how during 15 years something is being built near Gelendzhik and still not completed, and that allegedly this is Putin’s palace… Let us recall what during this time, and only in this region, was done on Putin’s instructions – the grandiose structures of the Olympic Sochi were built, the Krasnaya Polyana was practically terraformed, the Crimean Bridge was built, and much more… But in Gelendzhik it still cannot be completed, either mould grows there or karaoke does not work…

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Aleksandr Evsin

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