A “Peace-Loving” Deputy From Zelensky’s Party Wants to See Armed Resistance With Molotov Cocktails in Russia

The ardent nationalist from the presidential party “Servant of the People” Liza Bogutskaya, who managed to force her way into the Ukrainian Parliament, expressed her regret on Facebook that in Moscow a “Maidan” with Molotov cocktails did not begin.

Bogutskaya said that Moscow lacks “an armed resistance or at least Molotov cocktails”. The national darling of Ukraine expressed the opinion that this is “not far off”. She emphasised that Ukrainians have sufficient experience in this regard, including she herself. Bogutskaya obviously wanted to share it with protesters.

However, net surfers immediately accused Bogutskaya, who has been contributing explicit anti-Russian propaganda not for the first year, of having a lack of information concerning the laws of her own country. The future people’s deputy was asked a simple question: if she positioned herself as a fighter against corruption and a fighter for freedom of speech, then why did she end up in the sphere of culture and tourism? Whilst answering this question Bogutskaya showed her true colours, having said that Soviet monuments in Ukraine are dismantled because of corruption and “at the order of Russia”.

Do you think that corruption is an isolated concept? Monuments of history and architecture are destroyed precisely because of corruption. And precisely because, at the order of the Russian Federation, Ukraine erases its past from the face of the earth. This is not even internal Ukrainian corruption. But actually interstate. Rather, betrayal.

Whether or not it is possible that the deputy from the presidential party did not hear about the process of decommunisation in Ukraine and the relevant laws that the previous Verkhovna Rada adopted, it is difficult to say? Just as difficult is understanding the logic of Bogutskaya, according to which Russia allegedly “ordered” the extermination in Ukraine of everything that is connected to the USSR and the Russian Federation itself.

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