A Photo of Poroshenko With His Jacket Tucked Into His Trousers Was Removed From the Official Presidential Website

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



This week the annual World Economic Forum took place in Davos (Switzerland). The following Ukrainian politicians attended the event: Yuliya Tymoshenko, the leader of “Batkivshchyna”; Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev and his brother Vladimir; Euro-optimists Mustafa Nayyem and Svetlana Zalishchuk; and also, of course, the president Petro Poroshenko.

Photos from official meetings started to appear immediately on the official website of Poroshenko. And his appearance in these photos became a topic of discussion, chagrin, and more assumptions as to why he has such a creased suit and why it again sticks out from his jacket pockets. Comments about this on social networks are endless.

The well-known lawyer and human rights activist Andrey Portnov posted on his Facebook page one of the photos that was published on the official website of the guarantor and signed: “and it was also possible to tuck in a coat, besides the jacket”.

In the comments section of this post social network users started guessing why this happened and how it was possible to tuck a jacket into trousers.

There was the opinion that Poroshenko simply lost weight and therefore things started to fit him badly: “I think he lost weight. Look, the trousers and the jacket are rather big for him. This is obvious! If he became thinner, then it means that he eats badly. he worried, he can’t solve any problem. A problem that is independent of him”.

Someone assumed that the suits of the president are made of light and natural fabric, and this is why they are rumpled. This explanation is far from reality, because all of the president’s suits can’t be made from the same weightless fabric, linen cloth, or natural silk that are known for being heavily creased fabrics.

“Strana” has repeatedly written about the creased and non-ironed clothes of Poroshenko: at different times of the year and during different years. It is an eternal problem that disappears for a while and then comes back again. The last time Poroshenko unpleasantly surprised the public was in November of last year during his visit to Paris (France).

He arrived in heavily creased trousers. He and his wife Marina were dressed in just one colour. But if things on the first lady fitted well and to her figure, Petro’s trousers created a real nightmare.

But we will return to the Davos look of Petro Poroshenko. His jacket has creases, and under the lining something again sticks out.

The story about it being a bullet-proof vest once again emerged. We have already dealt with this issue and communicated with experts. A source from the State Protection explained to “Strana” that even a bullet-proof vest with “concealed carry” isn’t capable of “sticking out from under the outerwear”. “Usually for such purposes a bullet-proof vest in the form of a costume vest is used. And, by the way, the higher the protection class, the thicker the bullet-proof lining, and the more difficult it is to hide a bullet-proof vest under clothes,” said our interlocutor. Thus he denied that Poroshenko wears a bullet-proof vest under his clothes.

The existing possibilities: a powerbank, a weight loss corset, a wallet, a smartphone, a flask, Tomos twitched, or there is a calculator – there are additional assumptions that in the inside pocket there are cupronickel appliances or knitted hats.

The latter emerged after Igor Shevchenko, a candidate for the Ukrainian presidency and former Minister of Ecology, tried to collect some of the hats that are distributed free of charge at the World Economic Forum by the organisers.

There are also those who still insist that in the pocket of Poroshenko there is a pump that watches his glucose level. This is a device for continuous insulin therapy. Such a narrative arose, most likely, because, according to rumours, the president has diabetes.

But, as we were assured by a shop that sells insulin pumps, they recommend to carry the device closer to the body. The inside pocket of a jacket isn’t really a suitable place, but it must be present. Of course, it is better if its on a belt or in a trouser pocket.

It is interesting that when the photo of the president in a jacket that is tucked into his trousers started to be spread at a mad speed on social networks, it was quickly deleted from the official website.

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It should be noted that in 2017 at the Davos Forum the appearance of the president didn’t raise any questions at all. During Poroshenko’s meetings he appeared in ideally white shirt and the ironed suit.

January 2017. Poroshenko with former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz in Davos, photo: facebook.com

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