A Plaque in Honour of One of the Creators of the SS “Galicia” Division Was Solemnly Unveiled in Western Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Eduard Dolinsky/Miroslava Berdnik

On April 29th, 2018, in the village of Sivka-Voynilovskaya in the Kalushsky district a plaque to an Obersturmführer of the 14th SS “Galicia” division – the native of the village Lubomir Makarushka – was solemnly unveiled. In the archive photo: Lubomir Makarushka during his service.

Here is a video report about the solemn opening of the commemorative plaque on the schoolhouse in honor of the Obersturmführer.

Host: “We must remember the heroes who have given their lives for the sake of us”. The ceremony accompanied by songs and dances took place in the Motherland of the hero in the village of Sivka-Voynolovskaya. The Obersturmführer Makarushka ended the course of his life in West Germany in 1986.

Lubomir Makarushka is not just one of the soldiers of the SS “Galicia” division – he is one of its creators.

A graduate of the Austrian military academy in Wiener Neustadt, he served in the Austro-Hungarian army. In the rank of the captain of the Ukrainian Galician army he was involved in the Polish-Ukrainian war of 1918-1919. He later studied in Charles University in Prague, and subsequently studied economy in the Trade Academy in Vienna.

He was in the structure of the Czechoslovak Regional Command of the Ukrainian Military Organisation, which became the basis for the creation of OUN. In November, 1927 he took part in the work of the First conference of Ukrainian Nationalists in Berlin. In 1927-1929 he was the Secretary General of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance, in 1930-1935 he was elected as the deputy of the Polish Sejm.

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During the days of the Great Patriotic War he was one of initiators and participants of the creation of the Waffen SS “Galicia” division. On April 15, 1943 at the first meeting of the Military Administration of the division – created under the auspices of the Germans, he was appointed responsible for recruitment for the command structure of the division. After the death of the Hauptsturmführer Paliyev, he held the position of the officer of communication (with the Ukrainian structure) at the headquarters of a division and was the assistant to the chief of staff of the division Sturmbannführer SS Wolf-Dietrich Heike

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