A Rally Demanding a Fair Investigation into the Odessa Massacre Took Place Outside the Hague

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The crowd supports an independent investigation into the Odessa tragedy being carried out and demanded to punish the real culprits for the mass death of people.

“It has already become a certain sacred custom for us to remember every year the events in Odessa and the victims of the present brutal and anti-people government in Ukraine. It is our moral duty not to forget people, not to allow the public to forget that the blood of those who perished hasn’t yet been expiated, and that the circumstances of their death hasn’t been investigated. We consider it necessary to try to ensure that this case isn’t silenced,” stated the organizer of the Hague meeting Dmitry Pisarev.

“There everything is slowed down. Most likely, there won’t be a breakthrough in this investigation before a change of authorities,” added the participant of the action.

The activist of the Odessa movement “Kulikovo Field” Oleg Muzyka was also present. He focused on the fact that after four years the murderers haven’t incurred their deserved punishment.

“I communicated with the new investigators, they are the third group already… We have no hopes that there will be a fair investigation,” stressed the inhabitant of Odessa.

The participant of the meeting from the Netherlands Anneke de Laaf noted that she has attended the commemorative events devoted to Odessa since 2014.

“I was sure that the EU or the forces here, in the Netherlands, would pay attention to these events and will insist on carrying out a proper investigation. However, years have passed, and it hasn’t happened, everyone ignores this tragedy and pretends that everything is all right. In fact, the regime in Kiev has been given full freedom to do anything, and I don’t understand how my government can support him,” complained the Dutchwoman.


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