A Resident Living in Ukraine-Controlled Territory in Donbass Stepped on a UAF Landmine

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In the frontline settlement of Dzerzhinsk – controlled by Kiev – a man was blown up on an explosive device. This was reported on the website of the head department of the National Police of the Donetsk region.

“A resident of the frontline settlement Yuzhnoye stepped on an explosive device near his house. The victim was hospitalised with numerous shrapnel wounds. The police opened criminal proceedings after the terrorist attack,” it is said in the statement.

Information about the incident arrived to the Torets (Dzerzhinsk) police office on May 27th. The police established that at 17:00 a man born in 1948 was blown up, having come across an explosive subject near his house. The victim was taken to hospital with numerous shrapnel wounds to his extremities, thorax, and head.

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