A Resident of Krivoy Rog Will Incur a Criminal Penalty for Displaying a USSR Flag and a St. George’s Ribbon in His Car

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Krivoy Rog a 54-year-old man in whose car there was a St. George’s Ribbon and a little flag of the USSR will incur a criminal penalty. It is reported that a police squad was called by the eyewitnesses who found the violator.

The police officers who came to the scene demanded from the man to provide access to the vehicle for the confiscation of “something forbidden”Besides the eyewitnesses of the offense, journalists and militants of the ATO came to the place of the incident and had a preventive discussion with the man born in the USSR.

The man noted that he considers the red-blue flag (the flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic flag) to be his flag.

In response to this the ATO militant asked him to respect the yellow-blue flag.

The militants of ATO also said that Ukrainians are being killed in Donbass under the St. George’s Ribbons.

“And who called you to go there?” answered the man.

“Why do I have to rescind my way of thinking just because you want me to? This is my belief… well, shoot me then!” he stated, and added that the president of Ukraine wore a St. George’s Ribbon until recently and served in the Soviet Union.

As a reminder, within the framework of decommunisation in Ukraine not only communist symbols were banned, but also the St. George’s Ribbon, which fell under a ban since June 12th of last year. According to the authorities, these attributes of self-identification threaten national security.

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Thus, the resident of Krivoy Rog, thanks to the denunciations of “enlightened” neighbors, faces a criminal penalty in the form of 5 years of restriction or imprisonment for a St. George’s Ribbon and a little USSR flag.

At the same time nobody in Ukraine has been punished for a fascist swastika.

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