A Resident of Lisichansk Spoke About How Ukrainian Militants Treat Civilians

NEW – June 4, 2022

The college dormitory in Lugansk temporarily became a home for 115 residents of Rubezhnoye, Lisichansk and Severodonetsk.

A resident of the city of Lisichansk, Valery Bek, talked with the correspondent of “Izvestiya”, Aleksey Poltoranin, and spoke about how he managed to escape to the LPR and about the cruel attitude of the UAF.

“We had a small 8-month-old baby. The child did not eat anything at all. They didn’t give any baby food, pampers, or anything at all,” Valery recalls about the attitude of the Ukrainian military towards civilians.

Also, according to the man, the UAF opened fire right next to the residents and even took them at gunpoint. In addition, the militants of “Right Sector” took men from the basements. Now they are missing.

Thanks to communication with the “Izvestiya” journalist, Valery Bek managed to turn to his father, who is in the Rostov region, and tell him that he’s fine.

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