A Resident of Nikolaev Is Being Threatened Because He Traveled Across the Crimean Bridge

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Ukraine the resident of Nikolaev by the name of Vladimir, who, together with the popular Russian blogger Alena Bardovskaya, was among the first to drive on the Crimean Bridge, is under threat in Ukraine.

The Mejlis TV channel “ATR” showed this Ukrainian man in a negative light because the latter publicly stated that he doesn’t believe Ukrainian propaganda and loves the Russian peninsula.

“Nothing that the zombie-box describes is actually happening here – i.e., all of this is propaganda. I don’t what there is to describe here,” said Vladimir in the video.

The inhabitant of Nikolaev was also intimidated by the State Border Service, having said that he will be fined as soon as he crosses the border of Ukraine.

“Such actions, anyway, are illegal because visiting the occupied Crimea through the closed checkpoints is a violation of domestic legislation. Upon entry into Ukraine through the operating points of admission he should pay a fine of about 3,500 hryvnia,” said the speaker of the department Oleg Slobodyan.

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