A Resident of Zaitsevo Was Severely Wounded After the UAF Shelled His House

Translated by Ollie Richardson


DPR in JCCC/armiyadnr.su

A civilian resident of the village of Zaitsevo was injured as a result the shelling conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Aksenov A.A. – 24/07/1986 D.o.B – living on 34 Esenina street was in the yard of his house at the time when the shelling began. According to the doctors at Gorlovka city hospital No. 2 where the wounded was taken, the man managed to avoid death only by a miracle. At the moment the victim has been operated on and is in a satisfactory condition.

The shelling came from the direction of the settlement Zhovanka – 5 shells of 82mm caliber, 3 grenades from an RPG, and small arms were used. According to preliminary data, the diagnosis is a fragmentation wound in the upper third of the left side of his chest and a traumatic shock of the 1st and 2nd degrees. At the time of writing the victim is in the surgical department of city hospital No. 2.


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