A Revolt Against the US Begins In Europe

The Americans’ sanctions policy forced the Europeans to fight for their own economic independence. This was stated on the “PolitWera” YouTube channel by German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

“The Americans want less Russian gas to reach Europe. If there is not enough gas in Europe, then prices will go up, and then the Americans will come – they will sell liquefied gas, and the Europeans will have to buy it. This is even an undisguised idea of American lobbyists and senators who are elected and keep their states afloat courtesy of oil money.

In Germany, everyone understands this very well, so people are outraged. And even the Green Party, which strongly opposes Nord Stream 2, believes that the Americans have no right to interfere in the energy security of Europe.

Now the ‘Trump doctrine’ has appeared in the west, which explains to the Europeans that we do not have our own sovereignty, we do not have independence, and we must do what the Americans want. And if we do not want to do this, we will be punished – this is beginning to be understood by Europeans, and therefore Trump and US senators were given a clear answer when last week 24 of the 27 countries of the European Union sent a note of protest to the US Department of State about such the sanctions policy of America,” the political scientist said.

The expert stressed that the Americans need the EU in the status of vassals.

“Only now are Europeans beginning to understand that they live under the ‘Trump doctrine’, but they do not want to live under such a diktat of America.

The Europeans understand that if they give up their positions on the Nord Stream 2 issue, the Americans will blackmail them on other issues tomorrow: buying technology from China, or completely ban trade with Iran, or on other issues.

The Americans will blackmail the Europeans as long as they have at least some opinion and an independent policy. The Americans want to make Europeans vassals,” resented Rahr.

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