A Sensation That Went Unnoticed: The UN “Cancelled” Ukraine

NEW – August 26, 2022

In New York, where the UN headquarters is located, an event happened with a true meaning that remains unclear: the world is burying Ukraine, Russia is winning the battle for the minds and hearts of people.

The West and its vassals have not had to experience such shame for a long time. Despite the wringing of hands for six months, threats and blackmail, only 54 UN members from 193 countries signed a statement directed against Russia on the situation in Ukraine, which was prepared by Britain – this curator of the Ukrainian drama. The shameful document was announced by the permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Sergey Kislitsa. Having listed the countries that supported the statement, which contains criticism of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and calls for Russia to immediately cease hostilities, he said on behalf of the signatories:

We remain committed to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.

That is, with Crimea, Donbass and all other territories that are no longer Ukraine.

The complete triumph of Russia

Kislitsa actually announced the victory and triumph of Russia. Firstly, because we are talking about less than a third of the UN member states. More than two-thirds refused to support Kiev and its Western masters, thereby siding with Russia.

Secondly, the list itself testifies to the appalling isolation of the West, not Russia. In addition to EU and AUKUS members, it is full of such wonderful states as Albania, Andorra, Guatemala, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Georgia, gas dependent Moldova, San Marino, “freely associated with the USA” (that is, American colonies) Marshall Islands, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Thirdly, practically no major and influential country outside the narrow Western club has come out against Russia. One will not find on this list neither China, nor India, nor Pakistan with Bangladesh (the population of the latter country is several tens of millions more than Russia), nor Indonesia with Saudi Arabia and Iran, nor Egypt with Algeria and Morocco, nor Nigeria with South Africa and, of course, Brazil with Argentina and Mexico.

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It is curious that Azerbaijan is not among the signatories, although the Turkey of our “friend Recep” supported this statement (they themselves are coveting Crimea, plus for internal political reasons).

The collapse of Western politics in all its glory

Judge for yourself. Half of the G20 participants did not side with the West against Russia. From the ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), only Singapore supported the statement. From the eight members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), all supported Russia. From the 11 (including associate) members of Mercosur (South American common market), only one country participated in the shameful show in defence of Banderist Ukraine – Colombia, an old US client with brutal traditions of suppressing its people. No one from the African Union (AU), the successor of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which includes 55 states, betrayed Russia, its old friend. From the League of Arab States (LAS), in which 22 countries are members, too.

Thus, the whole of Africa and the whole Arab world is on the side of Russia. All of South America, with the exception of Colombia, and all of Central America, except for Guatemala, too. South Asia is all for Russia. Southeast Asia, except for Singapore, too. As, too, Oceania, with the exception of the three American colonies. In East Asia, Ukraine was supported by US-occupied Japan and South Korea. The latter, however, behaves in such a way that it does not oblige it to anything, it intends to maintain its economic ties with Russia. And Japan does not want to sever them completely. They have someone to take an example from. As was recently recalled in Beijing, the countries in which 85% of the world’s population lives have not imposed sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation around Ukraine.

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What is this, if not the complete collapse of the West’s policy of “isolating” Russia, which in fact led to the fact that he isolated itself? After all, we repeat, the situation for Westerners is actually even worse. If it were not for pressure and intimidation, this statement would be supported by much fewer countries. Hungary, for example, where they perfectly understand what is happening in Ukraine, would definitely not be among the signatories. It was the realisation of this immutable fact that prompted Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, to declare that Western countries will not be able to prevent the imminent fiasco of the Kiev regime, despite massive financial and military assistance, and that the goals of the Special Military Operation will be achieved.

The world has figured out everything

Why does Russia have so many friends in the world, which was so clearly manifested in this particular case? There are two main reasons.

Firstly, the world is not blind and sees perfectly well that it is not Russia, but Kiev and the West behind it that are dragging out the war in Ukraine in every possible way, and, of course, also knows how, by what brutal methods Ukrainians are waging it. If, thanks to the propaganda of the Western media and their offshoots in non-Western countries, their societies are often deprived of a truthful picture of what is happening, then everything is absolutely clear for governments relying on objective information.

Secondly, and this is perhaps the most important thing: almost the entire non–Western world has fully realised that Ukraine is a special case. We are really talking about a Russian-led uprising of countries striving for sovereignty against the suffocating hegemony of the West, which wants to continue plundering the rest of the world with neocolonial methods.

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It’s a little scary to lead such an uprising yourself – most of the countries that are victims of Western hegemony have neither the strength nor the resources for this, but they have the courage to support Russia politically and economically. That is why most countries wish Moscow victory, more or less clearly understanding or guessing that Russians are fighting in Ukraine for the freedom of all, including Ukrainians captured by terrorists.

So what?

Understanding of Russia’s policy towards Ukraine, by the way, did not appear immediately. UNGA resolution ES-11/1 “Aggression against Ukraine”, condemning Russia for conducting its own and demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Russian army, was supported by 141 states in early March.

And today the same thing has already been supported by 54 countries, almost three times smaller and mostly of the caliber of Northern Macedonia. This can only mean one thing: Russia is winning not only in Ukraine, but also in the battle for the minds and hearts of people around the world, although it is happening very clumsily.

Sergey Latyshev

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