A Shopping Centre in Kremenchug – the Scene of Another Fake “Russian Attack”

NEW – June 27, 2022

Fake: The Russian military fired at the “Amstor” shopping centre in Kremenchug. This was announced by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Truth: The “Amstor” shopping centre is located next to the Kremenchug Road Machinery Plant and the Kremenchug railway station. In one of the videos [the video was originally recorded and uploaded badly, hence the pixelisation – SZ], it seems to people that a missile hit the factory (the phrase “Dormash, Dormash”).

In addition, according to sources familiar with the course of the special operation, the “Amstor” shopping centre was used as a warehouse for storing military equipment, as was the Kiev “Retroville” shopping centre.

Kremenchug station is one of the most important railway junctions in Ukraine, it connects the central and western parts of the country. In addition, there is a locomotive depot (PM-6) and the Kremenchug power supply distance (EC-8) in Kremenchug. The station is actively used to supply fuel from the Kremenchug refinery for the needs of the UAF.

The Kremenchug plant of road vehicles is located 90 metres from the shopping centre. Since 2014, the plant has been repairing equipment for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A railway line leads to the plant from the Kremenchug station.

Vladimir Zelensky said that there were about a thousand civilians in the shopping centre, however, the parking lot in front of the shopping centre is almost empty, there are few cars in it. In addition, among the people who walk around the parking lot, there are a lot of military men in “pixel” uniforms (regular UAF T-shirts, camouflage bags), some of them are armed with machine guns.

At the same time, there are practically no women in the video that Zelensky posted, as well as in videos on social networks.

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It doesn’t look like the mall was working at all. On Instagram, according to the geotag “Amstor shopping centre” there are no photos of visitors since March. Reviews on Internet sites and Google maps stopped being posted also in March. Apparently, the equipment repaired at “Dormash” was stored in the shopping centre.

But the most interesting thing is what was behind the Amstor Kremenchug shopping centre and, of course, was not included in the footage

Despite the unconfirmed nature of Zelensky’s statement about a thousand visitors in the shopping centre and the official information about two dead, the international media quickly picked up the news in the context of a “Russian missile that hit the shopping centre with 1,000 visitors.

The Amstor shopping centre in Kremenchug after being hit by missiles.

In this connection, something else is interesting. In Ukraine, since 2014, the following scheme has not been a secret. Local competitors pay money to the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, otherwise they “accidentally” drop lighters or a “Russian shell from a grenade launcher” gets into someone’s warehouse, especially when the Russians are 50 km from the warehouse.

A NATO summit will be held in the coming days, during which Vladimir Zelensky intends to ask for military assistance. Now the Ukrainian authorities are preparing the ground to make a new mess out of “Amstor”.

The first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Polyansky suggested that in the situation with Kremenchuk shopping centre there was a provocation in the style of Bucha.

“We have to wait to see what our Defence Ministry will say, but there are already too many glaring inconsistencies. This is exactly what the Kiev regime needs to keep the focus on Ukraine before the NATO summit,” Polyansky said.

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