A Surrendered Ukrainian Sergeant Called His Meeting With the Russian Military “God’s Salvation”

NEW – August 14, 2022

Senior Sergeant of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladimir Yuvanko, who surrendered to the first column of Russian servicemen he saw, described how he laid down his arms.

“When I saw that a Russian convoy was coming, I told my partner: ‘Thank God, they have arrived.’ We stopped… There was a man, a Russian soldier, who said: ‘Guys, where are you going?’ I say: “We are already going nowhere, we have already arrived,” Zvezda quotes him as saying.

Yuvanko noted that he absolutely did not want to be on the side of the Kiev regime, but he was forced to join the Ukrainian army. He thanked Russia for saving him from the horrors of war crimes that the Kiev regime requires its fighters to commit. He is not going to go back.

“I think it’s destiny. God saved. What I didn’t want, I didn’t do,” added the one who laid down his arms.

Anton Nikitin

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