A Third Reich Research Institute Was Created in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ilya Belous

In Kiev a Third Reich research institute was created. 
The military historian, volunteer, and Major General Vladimir Fedko (in the photo) became the co-founder and the head of this scientific research institute. Fascism is a grass-roots movement of the middle class, he considers.

The following information about the project is from the ar25.org website, which promotes a “free, post-industrial Ukraine”:

The establishment of the research Institute of the Third Reich was announced during a video transmission of ‘Intermarium.TV’ dedicated to Martin Bormann – a prominent agent of Stalin [nonsense – SZ]:

The need to establish the Institute is caused by the new wave of world interest in the history of the 20th century. This interest was facilitated by the opening of secret archives, in particular the ‘Venona Project’, as well as thorough the studies of American authors, Russian historians, and the evidence of former Soviet intelligence.

A landmark event was the publication in Germany of the two-volume book ‘Hitler: Mein Kampf. Eine kritische Edition’ in early January 2016. This outstanding scientific work was carried out by the Institute of modern history (Munich), which is financed by the Federal government of Germany and the governments of Federal states.

However, the main reason for the foundation of the research Institute is the global transition to a post-industrial society and, accordingly, the search for new ideas and organisational forms by mankind. The value of the experience of the Third Reich is that it largely was a prototype of the post-industrial state that was ahead of its time by almost a century.

That’s why the activity of the scientific research institute will consist not only in objective research into the history of the Third Reich, but also in identifying  in it the post-industrial decisions useful for creating the Heartland – the nucleus of a new civilisation.

In the following articles we will talk more about the purpose, concept and practical activities of the Institute of the Third Reich.”

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