A Ton of Human Remains Were Found in a Warehouse in Zaporozhye

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In an industrial zone in Zaporozhye law enforcement bodies found tons of medical waste and human remains in an abandoned warehouse. As TSN reports, people found  an unpleasant smell in the warehouse, which became even worse in subzero temperatures.

The glass of the abandoned building had been shattered, and there was no security. According to the SBU, in totoal 4 tons of garbage were found in the warehouse, among which – one and a half tons of post-operation biomaterial, including from establishments working with tuberculosis causative agents. Also, used medical tools and equipment containing mercury and heavy metals were found.

“We saw a hand and a leg – this is what fell out of boxes. Here there are stray dogs and cats – it is visible how everything was torn to pieces,” reported the female resident of Zaporozhye Tatyana Krylova.

The territory of the warehouse belongs to a firm that was supposed to take away waste from medical institutions. The company stated that the waste is ready to take away for disposal, but before the new year the court seized the property.

“We had no right to take anything out. We didn’t know in general what world we exist in, because for two months we are not suspects nor accused, nor witnesses — we are nobody,” explained the commercial director of the Municipal ecological company Andreyev.

Ecologists are afraid that in the spring an epidemic will begin in Zaporozhye. The remains lay under the open sky. And at the same time the court cancelled the decision and the waste is now being taken away.

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