A Totenkopf-Clad Zelensky Visited the Donbass Frontline in “Peace Seeking” PR Move

During a visit to the contact line in Donbass, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky noted the effectiveness of the withdrawal of troops to reduce the intensity of attacks. According to him, the military and authorities see the result. This is reported by the press service of the head of the Ukrainian state.

The website of the President of Ukraine reports that Vladimir Zelensky today visited the site of disengagement of forces and means No. 3 (between Bogdanovka and the locality Petrovskoye – between Donetsk and Mariupol). Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported to him that the situation in this sector of the front has been calm and controlled as of late.

In turn, the head of the Ukrainian state said that the withdrawal of forces and means that took place on three sections of the front line last year helped to reduce tension on the front line. He also said that his team is working to ensure that “peace reigns on the land of Donbass”.

“I am glad that the withdrawal of forces has helped to reduce the attacks. We see the result. The military sees the result. We are working to agree on new areas so that peace reigns on the land of Donbass,” said Zelensky.

The DPR states the opposite situation. According to the JCCC, only in March this year, 17 ceasefire violations were committed by the UAF within the disengagement area with the use of mortars, grenade launchers, BMPs, and small arms, including large-caliber weapons. Almost 200 rounds of ammunition were fired in a month.

“Unfortunately, this data do not allow us to share the joy with Mr. Zelensky, as well as to talk about full compliance with the ceasefire in this area. In this regard, it should be taken into account that this is a re-disengagement on the site, which occurred due to violations committed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who returned to their positions deep into the site,” said Yakubov.

The situation at the front line has been quite tense in recent weeks. Even the staff of the OSCE mission claimed violations of the truce in this very area of the parties’ withdrawal – No. 3, which was visited by Vladimir Zelensky. In addition, the head of the Ukrainian state did not comment on the death of 25-year-old resident of the DPR Miroslava Vorontsova. In turn, the Deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Vladislav Berdichevsky noticed a patch in the shape of a skull on Zelensky’s shoulder.

“A few days after the cynical murder by the Ukrainian Armed Forces of a resident of Gorlovka, Miroslava Vorontsova, Zelensky, on whose orders the shelling and killing of civilians of the republics continue, visited the territory of Donbass and visited the positions of the UAF in the area of the settlement of Petrovskoye. A significant patch on the torso of Little Zaches,” he wrote.

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