A Tourist From the US Was Hospitalised After Seeing Toilets for Only Two Genders in Sheremetyevo Airport

At Sheremetyevo Airport, doctors hospitalised an American tourist who became ill after a conflict with air harbour staff. The scandal started with her seeing toilets for only two genders.

Andrea Hernández, 22, a student/feminologist at the University of Louisiana, arrived in Moscow with her colleagues. It was her first flight outside the United States. After landing, she drew attention to the fact that Sheremetyevo Airport has toilets only for men and women, while the existence of more than 50 genders has been “scientifically established”. The girl called the airport employees, accused them of “fascism” and ordered them to immediately call the head of Sheremetyevo Airport, threatening otherwise to appeal to the American court and to the Government of the United States.

After the tourist was naturally refused, she started throwing herself at the attendees and scratched the face of one of them. Police officers were called to the scene, one of whom, after learning the cause of the dispute, told Hernández that there were only two genders. After that, the foreigner lost consciousness.

The doctors reported that the hospitalised person had experienced serious stress, which caused her pressure to rise to critical figures for a short time. At the moment, her health is not threatened, but the doctors are still monitoring her. The source clarified that Hernández in particular was banned from visiting the hospital bathroom in order to avoid a threat to her health.

Boris Gontermakher (parody article, for fun)

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